Fireplaces Draw Potential Buyers to Your Home

With a few furniture changes and a good cleaning, your fireplace will welcome buyers and make them feel at home

As the temperatures drop and our attention turns inward, having a cheery fireplace as the focal point of a room is a soothing experience. And, if you are selling your home during the winter months, the fireplace adds value and interest if staged properly.

Before you begin using your fireplace, have a certified chimney sweep clean and inspect it just in case you need a chimney repair. You want your winter to be safe. Small cracks in the firebox and chimney coatings can cause problems if sparks land there and smolder long after you thought the fire was out.

Cleaning makes a big difference too. Removing ashes from the firebox once a week during winter months is the rule, and more often if potential buyers are viewing your house. Like the rest of the home, cleanliness in your portland chimney. means attention to detail and good maintenance. Scoop the ashes out into a container and dispose of them in the trash. Never use a vacuum cleaner; latent coals may still be burning.

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Don’t hide your fireplace behind furniture. Show it off with a welcoming seating arrangement that begs you to sit down and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Switch out the worn fireplace screen and invest in a new one. To keep your fireplace the center of attention, de-clutter the mantel and surrounding area. While you enjoy seeing a mantel full of family photos, this is a distraction for the winter buyer. Simplicity is the key here and you may also enjoy admiring your fireplace’s architectural details.Check out this furniture as it might give some character to the room with fireplace.

Enhance your fireplace with a few decorative touches  In this case odd numbers are in. Use one, three or five objects that are in proportion to your fireplace. For instance, a painting too small or too large will detract from your fireplace’s impact.

Whether your fireplace is sleek and ultra-modern or Tuscan brick, use it to welcome potential buyers who will say, this is home!


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