We believe it's the vision, purpose and passion of the company, and the individuals within, that makes the difference

What makes one Real Estate Company different from another?  We believe that it is the vision, purpose and passion of the company, and the individuals within, that makes the difference.  A company that is made up of outstanding advisors and partners who support one another and align their business models by sharing in the same core value system to create synergistic results.

“Our core values, which are at the heart of GRANT HICKMAN Real Estate Advisors are the essence of what makes up Our Difference.”

Giving Back Because It Matters

 At the foundation of our belief system is our charitable organization “GHREA Gives Back!”  This very important part of our organization contributes to groups and individuals by donating our time, talent and resources to a variety of charities within the St. Charles and St. Louis community. But it is not only our community that reaps the rewards of our giving, so do we!

The charity component of our company is unlike any that I have seen before. I feel that it makes us better people, reminding us of the importance of giving and the positive impact of helping others in our community.” – Jan Schade

Helping in the Success of Others

One of the big differences that is easy to identify, is the belief that “we are all in this together”.  At GHREA the ongoing goal of each person is to help one another with both business and personal development.  There is never a feeling of being isolated or alone, a trait not often found in a real estate company.

“I quickly realized that I wanted to be a part of this company! Along with a wealth of knowledge and support from Grant and the other advisors, I knew that GHREA was the ideal place for me to grow and to fulfill my dream of helping families make lifetime memories.              – Ashley Travers

Rewarding Environment

GHREA understands the value of encouragement and accolades.  With reward programs based on Sales, Growth, Effectiveness, Community and Family, our advisors and partners feel motivated and supported, knowing that we are behind them all the way. We also know the importance of play and rest by spending time with each other outside the office for fun, giving back and increasing a sense of community among ourselves.

One of the most rewarding pieces is the everyday experience of working with people and for people in an exciting and satisfying environment.  Knowing that you are there for one another and making a difference in people’s lives.

“I love coming in to work every day.  Every time I hand the keys to a new homebuyer or assist someone who is struggling to sell their home, I know that I am doing what I was meant to do.”   – Cary Knobbe  

Effective and Efficient at our Core

The effects of this outstanding trait can be seen in everything from our abilities as skilled negotiators to the detailed systems and steps in all aspects of our business. Advisors that genuinely care enough to be effective and efficient is another strong core value. There is an innovative process for everything we do.  Ongoing education, training, evolving technologies and one-on-one guidance are made available to our Advisors. This effective and efficient network creates an environment that is rich with support and success.

“I wanted to work in a company that offered training along with a lot of flexibility.  GHREA is phenomenal in both aspects!  It was also important to me that the company offers management accessibility.  Grant and the rest of our advisors makes themselves available for calls, meetings and advice.” – Jan Schade


Advisors not Salespeople

Perhaps one of the most meaningful of the core values is the belief that we are Advisors and not Salespeople.  There is a genuine passion and desire to help each person achieve their goals and acquire their dreams, while maintaining our family’s best interests.  This is a company of real people who understand that everyone has a different story with different needs. “Pushing” a sale is never the goal.  Our skilled Advisors want to create a successful and enjoyable experience for the families that they serve. Building trusting relationships for now and in the future, is the goal of every GHREA Advisor.

“It’s important to me that others know that I am trustworthy and reliable.  A strong value system was instilled in me by my parents and I carry those believes into the way I do business” – Ashley Dorman

“I believe that it is important to get to know people at a deep level, in order to understand their concerns and desires.” – Mary Ann Phannarath

“I knew this was the right path for me when I helped a young couple get their first home.  I was helping to make their dreams come true, and loved being part of their story.” – Sandy Bichel


We never lose sight of YOU!   Helping our families achieve their dreams, is what GHREA is all about.  It is about building true relationships and not “being hired”. Having a vision of what success looks like to you; continuing to “be there” for you even after the closing papers have been signed; and giving you the expert real estate advice, to create an experience you will remember.